New Body Boot Camp
4 years ago
Feel like a jog ? , try a HIIT instead

A large part of the exercise you undertake at New Body boot camp will be H.I.I.T *

What is H.I.I.T *  ?

It stands for      “High  Intensity   Interval  Training” and it is a Surefire way to Burn Body Fat  ! 
Coupled with  Resistance (weight bearing) training  that we include , it provides a fantastic way to
Reshape your entire body .

High Intensity Interval Training mixes bouts of work and rest in timed intervals. The bulk of metabolic  (Cardio) training should be interval training.

What is known as “Steady State exercise” like a 30 minute run at a constant pace that is comfortable ,actually teaches your body to become LESS efficient at burning fat ! . click here for more !

Our type of H.I.I.T * training will actually speed up your metabolism , so as well as the Fat you burn during the session we will be
training your metabolism to “Hum” at a higher level for many hours (between 24– 36 hrs) after your session . (this increases your  E.P.O.C* see below)

As an example if your body needed just 1/4 of a calorie more per minute to support your BMR
(base metabolic rate) which in plain terms is the number of calories needed for your body to get through each day  , then following a Boot camp session you could stand to burn between 360 and 540 calories over the next 24-36 hrs  - this is without additional exercise  -  and is a substantial amount , by the time you complete your next session (48 hrs later ) you are just adding more fuel to the Fat Burning Fire .

An example of H.I.I.T*  would be to sprint between one set of telephone poles and jog between the next set  alternating in this manner for the duration of a run , for say 5 minutes  ,we would then rest & repeat , or rest and move on to another group of exercises

We  like to think of it as  Burst  -  Rest  ,  Burst   -   Rest !

What is E.P.O.C  ?

EPOC, or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption is a measure of increased oxygen consumption after exercise or strenuous activity.  EPOC is also accompanied by a post-exercise increase in energy or fuel consumption  (also characterized as an increase in metabolism.)  EPOC is also known as “oxygen debt” or “oxygen deficit.”  In fitness training circles it may also be called “exercise afterburn.”

You don’t need to understand this , just know that our type of training will have your Metabolism Amped  !

Happy training


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