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4 years ago
Look up , it’s a Bird , Its a Plane , its an Avocado ?

Hi everyone  ,

In this post I wanted to address the fact that not all foods are created equal  , 
in fact some foods are packed with so many “goodies” that they are considered

* A great rule of thumb is that if your food comes in a package and will last in your cupboard or fridge for days , weeks or even months then it probably isn’t going to be that great for your health , many of these foods are laden with preservatives , salt & sugar to keep them from perishing.

What Is A Super Food ?

All food, has some dietary value. However, certain foods are Nutritional Powerhouses. These are the “Super Foods” which you should be piling into your grocery cart and packing in your lunch boxes.

What’s So Super About Super Foods ?

Most fruits and vegetables, fish, poultry , meat and nuts are packed with good nutrients; however since we can’t have all foods all the time, it makes sense to pick and choose those which will keep us healthiest. Super foods are those that give us maximum benefits in terms of health and longevity.

Why Super Foods ?

When it comes to what we put in our bodies, quite obviously, it should be nothing but the best. Super foods are packed with anti oxidants(stops breakdown of cells), carotenoids (increases immunity ), minerals, vitamins, proteins and phytonutrients and all the stuff that is good for us. Substituting a bag of French fries and cola with super foods as mainstays in our regular eating plan may not be easy at first, but think of the massive benefits to your health over the short & long term .

Are We Supposed To Eat Them Everyday ?

You can’t eat everything during each meal , but in short YES it’s a fantastic idea to have a few of those on the list below at your table each day, if there are several on your list that tickle your fancy , rotate them through your eating plan each week . They are great to eat, are anti cancer ,anti obesity and will keep your body functioning at it’s peak when coupled with a sound exercise regime !

Below is a list of SOME of the Superfoods ,there are many more to seek out ,

· apples · blackberries · black tea · blueberries · ginger · cereal bran

· cherries · chia seeds  · chillies · cranberries · dark chocolate · green tea

· oranges · peaches · plums · raspberries

· red onions · spinach · strawberries · eggs · nuts · garlic

· red grapes · watercress · salmon · honey · red peppers (capsicum)

· olive oil · plain yoghurt  · avocado · lean red meat · tomatoes

· green leafy vegetables  · turkey

Go on add some SUPERFOODS to your diet and start feeling healthier NOW  !

Happy Eating  :)

Jason .

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